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Mountain Man: Kevin RothCostumes and all manner of Period-Authentic Outerwear and Accoutrements.

To outfit the Mountain Man and other re-inactors of the fur trade era.

Hats, Mittens, Jackets, Gun Cases, Knife Sheaths, Shooting Bags; each piece uniquely hand sewn by the artisan.


Thanks for stopping by! Glad you found you way! Stay a few and let’s visit!

Perhaps we’ve already met at a rendevous and you’re just checking in.

Maybe you’re wondering more about this crazy guy and his alter ego they call BearKiller. Or maybe you’re looking for serious stuff and want to get down to business. Glad to help you there, too!

It’s often hard to understand what leads a man down a certain path. Why we take the trails we do. Most of my life I’ve been a sane enough man. Work hard for a living, just like the rest of you. Always been fascinated by American History, but probably didn’t pay enough attention in skool. Learned a lot of it from readin’ books and watchin’ movies. Jeremiah Johnson’s my hero. Like to hunt, but only take what I need and use all I take. Right down to the toenails. Somehow along the way I discovered I had a talent for makin’ stuff with my bounty. Started out, a little rough at first. But my beard is gray now, and my work is polished.

How’d I get the name BearKiller? Well, let me assure you it wasn’t by choice. It’s kind of like how you’re stuck with the name your mama gives you whether you like it or not. Only this one didn’t come from my mama, but rather I was christened with it at one of my first rondys by a guy named Doc. And it seemed appropriate enough given I’m seldom known to wander without my bear-tooth necklace guarding my top knot. Truth is though, I’ve got nothing but respect for that God-given creature. I find him a worthy adversary, and consider him my brother.

My designs are both original and recreations of the past. I enjoy both, however, if I’m working on historical design, I try to give credit where credit is due. Pride of the past, pride of the future, so to speak.

Have another cup of Joe and look around my website. When I’m not at a roundy, it’s my virtual trader’s tent. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, just let me know and I’ll set my hand to a new project. All my designs are handcrafted by me individually right here at the lodge, and set to your specifications. And you can take comfort in that.

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Kevin Roth, Artisan, Re-inactor of the Fur Trade Era and Proprietor of Tall Bear Trading

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